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With the help of the Bond digital transaction platform, you are completely shielded from fraud when dealing with strangers. We take pride in being able to offer customers peace of mind with each transaction because our platform was founded on trust. Every transaction is a contract between a buyer and a seller to exchange goods or services in exchange for money. Using the secure payment processing technology, Bond keeps the buyer's money in a safe hold account up until the completion of the transaction and the expiration of the complaint period. The seller receives the funds right away. Bond is cross-platform compatible, distinct, and inexpensive.You can utilize Bond to protect any device, including a tablet, phone, or laptop

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  • Built for developers, by developers

    Built for developers, by developers – our website is designed with the developer community in mind, ensuring a user-friendly and tailored experience

  • Protecting both buyers and sellers

    Protecting both buyers and sellers - Our website prioritizes the security and trust of all parties involved in transactions

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    User-friendly and responsive - Our website offers a seamless experience across all devices, making it easy for users to navigate and interact

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    Responsive - Our website adapts perfectly to any device, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable user experience

How The Bond Process Works

Simple steps to secure your business

Buyer and seller agree
Submits Payment to Escrow
Delivers Goods or Service to Buyer
Releases Payment to Seller

Escrow Product And Services

Services and products is covered by Bond

Domain Escrow

Bond offers a variety of services, including websites, domain name holding, and concierge services, to protect the sale and purchase of domain names. Occasionally, a person who owns a domain name that would be beneficial to your company may be willing to sell it to you for a higher price than a hosting or domain service would. You might decide the cost was justified. The bond requires the seller to provide the buyer with the username, password, and authorization code, as needed, in order to allow access to the domain name.

Automobile Escrow

The purchaser has up to 30 days to have the vehicle inspected and tested by a mechanic after using our service to buy a car online. The seller is also aware that the funds are available and completely secure in the interim. By offering extra services like a lienholder payoff service, a title collection service, and a swap-lease service, Bond makes it even simpler to complete vehicle transactions.The bond verifies the value and guarantees the release of the lien with the payoff service. The seller sends the title to Bond as part of the Title Collection Service.

Escrow for General Goods

When you buy or sell products online, Bond gives you confidence. From luxury goods to computers, it can be risky to make expensive purchases online. This is where the bond comes in. The buyer pays the bond by sending a check. We notify the seller as soon as we get the money so he can ship the goods to the buyer. The bond releases the money to the seller after the buyer accepts the goods and gives his consent. The buyer can inspect the goods to ensure conformity, saving the buyer money for saller

Milestone Escrow

Because some transactions must occasionally be finished in phases, Bond provides a milestone service. Examples of situations where the buyer and seller might agree to multiple payments, contingent on finishing various phases of the project, with the balance to be released upon completion and approval of the work, including remodeling a kitchen or getting a website built. Bond's milestone service allows the buyer and seller to specify terms and conditions, giving them both the assurance that the work will be finished

Art Escrow

Online sales of expensive artwork are fraught with danger, particularly when dealing with unidentified sellers. However, when using Bond, the buyer, seller, and broker are all equally guarded against potential fraud and scams. Getting started with Bond is quick and easy, even if it's the first time you've used our service. Establish the terms and conditions of the transaction, and Bond will see to it that they are followed, ensuring the satisfaction of all parties.

Additional Escrow Services

You can conduct transactions involving most goods and/or services with the aid of a bond. The security that Bond provides is priceless if you are dealing with businesses you don't know when purchasing expensive goods or services. When buying from online retailers, auction websites, classified ad websites, and business-to-business e commerce platforms, our customers frequently use Bond. We are also their first choice when dealing with an unidentified party

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I've been using Bond Escrow for my online transactions, and I must say it provides an excellent and secure platform. The process is straightforward, and their customer support is top-notch

As a seller, I rely on Bond Escrow to ensure my payments are secure. It's a trusted platform that gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend it to anyone involved in online buying and selling

Bond Escrow has revolutionized how we do business online in the Gulf region. It's a game-changer for trust and security in e-commerce. I've had a great experience using their services

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